For Readers

We all know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but whether we like it or not, when we see a book online or on a bookshelf, the cover is the first thing we see. But what if there were another way? Would we be drawn to other books if we weren’t so swayed by covers and book titles? There are amazing books out there that we could discover and show to the world. This is the idea behind Novelify, a platform where people can fall in love with books that they may not have discovered otherwise by looking at the text first, before seeing the title and the cover.

Novelify introduces a unique concept for readers and bookshoppers by displaying snippets from the book first, and only after reading them are the title and the cover revealed. This has two key benefits: firstly, it makes it easier for readers to choose the perfect book for them by giving them a feel of the text before even seeing the exterior and secondly, it brings text to life that may have never otherwise been discovered.

Novelify revolutionises the way we shop for books and gives new and upcoming authors a fantastic opportunity to put their wonderful writing on display for the world to see.