For Authors

Get discovered by new readers on Novelify.Novelify introduces an entirely new concept to book shopping which allows potential buyers to view snippets of your book first and only after reading them, are the book cover and title revealed. Instead of being swayed by book covers and titles, your readers will be drawn to the most important aspect of your book: the content.Novelify is offering a special promotion for the first 1,000 authors who sign up!

As Novelify is only in the beta stage at the moment, the first 1,000 authors who sign up to Novelify will get their books promoted before Novelify’s official launch date of May 1st, 2021. 

To sign up for the unique service, it costs a mere 25 EUR, with subsequent monthly payments of just 4 EUR as long as you keep using the platform. Authors can submit up to three books.Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.