About Us

Our Background…

Novelify was founded by me, Albert Griesmayr. The idea for Novelify came to me in 2013 when I developed the website: “Who Wrote It” in which people could view snippets from different books. Then, only after they “liked” a certain passage, could they view the title and the cover of that book. At Novelify, we are a team of dedicated, passionate book lovers.

I started to build a prototype for this website but the idea was put in the backseat after a deluge of other projects and the birth of my daughter. Since then, I have decided to resurrect, rebrand, and revitalise the idea, improving on the initial prototype and coming up with an entirely new platform. So, 8 years later, we have Novelify!

We are a remote team with book pros from three continents. We all love books. We’re especially excited about our concept of sharing books without revealing the title or the cover until you click the text!

We appreciate your spreading the word to other readers as well as authors!