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Follow the 25-Step Novelify Amazon Bestseller Strategy

Follow the Novelify 25-step action plan and become an Amazon Bestselling Author.
1) Have a great book

Master the 6G's: Great Cover, Title, Blurb, Intro, Manuscript, Author Profile

2) Have a great marketing

Invest into a great viral trigger and a great overall marketing campaign.

3) Pre-test your book

Don't officially launch your book until you have successfully pretested it.

4) Create your strategy

Know about all steps and tactics you will use to hit the Amazon Bestselling Lists.

5) Prepare your marketing

Research all contact addresses, write your email copy in advance, book your channels.

6) Upload on Amazon

Choose the right keywords and categories, check your book preview, etc.

7) Enroll in Select

Enroll into Amazon KDP Select in order to be eligible for free Amazon book promotions.

8) Schedule Promo Days

Schedule your Amazon KDP Select Promo Days at least 2 months in advance.

9) Align other Promos

Align your book promotions with your Amazon KDP Promotion Days.

10) Promote Small Promo

Inform at least 500 targeted contacts about your first promo day.

11) Get Reviews

Use Launch Day One to get at least 10 four or five star book reviews on Amazon.

12) Book Promotion Test

List your book on SELECTED free book promo websites one week pre-launch.

13) PDO: Remind Contacts

Send a reminder to your contacts that informs them that your book is on its free promotion today.

14) PDO: Social Media

Promote your book on social media to test the effectiveness of your target hashtags.

15) Measure PDO

Check the amount of downloads, social mentions, feedback, follow ups, website visitors, etc.

16) Improve Strategy

Finalize your marketing and marketing channels that you will use for your big Amazon promotion.

17) Get on Promo Websites

List your book on the best free book promotion websites one week pre-launch.

18) Inform contacts

Inform your contacts that your big Amazon launch day is coming up.

19) Big Promo Holidays

Focus for two days almost exclusively on your book promotion.

20) Big Promo Monitoring

Make sure that your book does get promoted through all your scheduled channels.

21) Big Promo Social Media

Promote your book via your social media channels and get the social media dice rolling.

22) Big Promo Websites

Remind all your free promotion services about your book promotion again. Get included spontaneously.

23) Big Promo Contacts

Inform your contacts that your book is now on big promo. Encourage them to spread the word and thank them.

24) Big Promo Engagement

Engage with everyone who responds to your free promotion via email and social media in order to show activity.

25) Take a screenshot

Take a screenshot once your book hits the Amazon Bestselling List.

X) Bonus 1: Fundamentals

Read more about mastering the fundamentals of successful book publishing .

Y) Bonus 2: Promotion

Learn about the most effective book promotion websites.

Z) Bonus 3: Lean

Reduce your failure rate by following Lean Book Publishing Principles.

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