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Price Winners

  • Watty Award 2013 Winner Cat gets more than 23 million reads.

  • Self-published author Sergio de la Pava wins $25,000 PEN prize.

  • Summars Wins MARSocial's Author-of-The-Year Award 2013.

  • Check out Mark Rayner among the IRDA Award Winners 2013.

  • Rysa Walker wins the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Global Shakers

  • Linda Liukas raises $380,000 for children's book on Kickstarter.

  • Self-published author H.M. Ward sold over 4 million books in 2013.

  • Rachel von Dyken's The Bet climbs atop the Amazon Ebook Bestseller List.

  • J.S.Scott's books reach more than 1,000 Goodreads reviews - Jul 13.

  • Scientists raise $98,000 for fantasy-art style medicine book.


  • The Fixed Trilogy hits Number 1 on Amazon Kindle Store April 5th.

  • Kristen Proby in Top 10 of Self-Published Bestsellers List - 09/2013

  • ‘Frost’ Debuts at No. 1 on the Self-Published Bestsellers List | March 11.

  • From 0 to 300 reviews on Amazon in 10 days | April 2nd.

  • A.L. Jackson signs publishing deal with Piatkus | Little Brown.

Get to know the Novelify team
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„Dorothy | COO“
Dorothy is responsible for the scouting team and process. She makes sure that our clients get informed about the latest author talent before anyone else.
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„Albert | CEO"
Albert leads the Novelify team. The self-publishing pioneer is author of two books and loves to use technology to spur innovation in the publishing sector.
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„Chris | CTO“
Chris is the technical brain behind Novelify and implements the monitoring backend. Apart from that he is responsible for the Novelify homepage.
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„Novelify is a great service
to stay up-to-date
about trending authors.“
BC Schiller
B. C. Schiller | Amazon
Kindle Bestselling Authors
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„Finally a solution to
scout self-published
authors on the internet.“
Yves Patak
Yves Patak | Award
Winning Thriller Author
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„The Novelify concept
might be the future
of author scouting.“
Thomas Schranz
Thomas Schranz | CEO of
Blossom, Simplicity Expert