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The Novelify Blog features the latest insights on successful book publishing on Amazon. Sharp, honest and with a little humour, the Novelify Blog keeps you up-to-date on how to succeed on Amazon.

The Amazon Bestseller Infographic

In order to celebrate the launch of Novelify we created an infographic that shows you how to become an Amazon Bestselling Author by following 10 steps. Share your experiences with us @novelifyteam.

Trending Genres on Amazon

Having a book written in a trending book genre definitely has its advantages. Therefore we looked at the genres that are currently highly sought-after on Amazon. Take a look.

The Amazon Bestseller Course

Did you ever want to create an Amazon Bestseller? Now you can. We launched a course on how to create an Amazon Bestseller that teaches you everything you need to know to succeed on Amazon.

Opening The Novelify Labs

We are happy to announce that we have just launched the Novelify Labs, which is the laboratory of creativity, inventiveness and passion. This is the place where we test our ideas and methods of succeeding on Amazon.

Optimal Amazon Ebook Pricing

What is the optimal price for an ebook? $9.99? $0.99? $0? We looked at the best resources regarding that subject matter and are sharing the results with you.

The Power Of 5* Amazon Reviews

Every author knows that book reviews influence purchase decisions, however only a few authors really know how important 4 and 5* reviews really are. We unveil the secrets.

The Power Of Free On Amazon

What are the benefits of giving your book away for free on Amazon? Find answers to this question and explore the oppportunities of taking part in Amazon KDP Select free book promotions.

Amazon Bestseller Secrets Unveiled

What are the secrets behind ranking high on Amazon and making it on Amazon Bestseller Lists? Learn what really matters in order to be highly ranked with your book on Amazon.

Amazon Bestseller Definitions

Who can claim to have written an Amazon Bestseller? Who can call oneself an Amazon Bestselling Author? We explored availalbe Amazon Bestseller definitions and provide our own anwers.