In order to celebrate the launch of Novelify we created an infographic that shows how to become an Amazon Bestselling Author by following 10 steps.

amazon bestseller infographic

Here for our non-visual guys the list in written words as well

  • 1) Write a great book
  • 2) Create great marketing
  • 3) Pretest your book and marketing
  • 4) Upload your book on Amazon
  • 5) Target the right keywords and categories
  • 6) Enroll into Amazon KDP Select
  • 7) Focus all your book promotions into one day
  • 8) Promote your book to at least 10K readers
  • 9) Post like a crazy monkey on social media
  • 10) Monitor the list and take a screenshot as proof

What to you think about the infographic? Let us know via @novelifyteam. And don't forget to spread the word if you like what we do. We have more creative projects in the pipeline as well, so you better follow us. :)

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