Find out more about Novelify - Our Mission, Vision & Goals

Our job is to get writers onto Amazon Bestselling Lists. That's what we work for every day. Being an Amazon Bestselling Author opens doors and shows the world that you are a successful author. Our goal and ultimate vision is to be the best service provider around author success on Amazon.

About Novelify [Scribando | Novelify]

Novelify is a publishing agency that helps writers to become Amazon Bestselling Authors. Take a look at our work by checking out The Novelify Amazon Bestseller Technique.

Awards We Received [Scribando | Novelify]

As Scribando | Novelify we were participant of Go Silicon Valley 2013 (selected by the Austrian Government) and a Startup Wise Guys Top 20 startup in 2013.

Novelify Labs - *New*

We recently launched the Novelify Labs where we run research projects on how to get and stay onto Amazon Bestseller Lists. First results will be published soon.

Our friends and supporters

Thanks to our friends and supporters in the publishing and technology space. Amongst them are, Pubslush, Booktrack, Blossom, Angelhack, Pioneers, hub:raum and The Plug and Play Technology Center.

What authors say about Scribando | Novelify

We are proud that we already worked with more than 100 writers from across the globe. Read what happy authors are saying:
"Novelify helped us onto Amazon Bestseller Lists.“ | B.C. Schiller, Amazon Bestselling Authors, Austria/Germany,
"The Novelify Team had a huge impact on my author success." | Yves Patak, Award Winning Author, Switzerland,
"Novelify keeps me up-to-date on how to succeed on Amazon." | Fidel Thiessenhusen, Entrepreneur | Consultant | Author, Germany,
"Novelify provided me with a very feasible book marketing strategy." | Mark Blackham, Historical Fiction Author, USA,
"Albert has a great spirit in helping you to succeed." | Jacob Galea, Consultant | Author, Australia,
"The Novelify Team helped me to launch my first novel successfully." | Raed Bin, Award Winning Author, Saudi Arabia,
"Novelify did a great job in pushing my author success." | Sandhya Jane, Hongkong,
"The guys from Novelify rock. Keep up the great work." | Thomas Schranz, Founder, USA,
"Albert from Novelify provided me with great insights on Amazon bookmarketing." | Yann Girard, Author | Speaker, Germany
"Again, a zillion thanks. Your obvious expertise at $25 an hour is a steal. I'm in for as many hours as I can get from you." | Julia Butler, Author | USA